From Nepal to Iceland

Nepali Vibe was founded seven years ago in a small mountain village in Nepal. Christina, the founder and owner of the company in Denmark, lived for five years in China, where she studied. During her studies, she met a girl from Nepal and a Chinese boy. After Christina moved back to Denmark, she visited her friend in Nepal. There she saw women on the streets wearing pearl beautiful bracelets together. She immediately fell in love with them and found the women and their production interesting. After the visit, she got the idea to start a business in Nepal with her Nepalese friend and her Chinese friend. They wanted to support the Nepali pearl women and sell their bracelets in Denmark. The Nepalese friend found the women who are housewives. The six of them started meeting twice a week, sisters, cousins and friends. They got pearls and ribbons from Nepali Vibe and then had a free hand with the design. Which is so beautiful. No one to push them and say what they should do just free creation. It's so nice that we get all kinds of patterns in the bracelets that they design at will, always something new. Some bracelets are beaded loose while others, they are all different in their beautiful way. This is their handiwork. The armbands fit on any hand. The company is turning seven years old and now there are 44 women who meet and pearl, 30-40% of the total sales goes to them. Among other things, they use the money to educate their children and give them a better life. The mind behind the company is so beautiful and the message from woman to woman has a lot to say.

I lived in Copenhagen for 17 years. There I met Nepali Vibe four years ago. It so happened that I was out playing with my children in my neighborhood, Islands brygge. There I saw a woman with such a beautiful bracelet on her hand. I talked to her and asked where she had got the bracelet. She gave me the Nepali Vibe Instagram page and wrote the URL on a small note I put in my wallet. At that time I did not have Instagram and did not know anything about it. But I could not think of a beautiful bracelet and subsequently set up an Instagram page. I contacted the girl who had the bracelets for sale and that's how it all started with us. I ordered some first but then could not stop. When I moved back to Iceland, one of the mothers at my children's nursery school saw the bracelets on my hand. Whenever she could, she asked about the bracelets. So in June 2019 I decided to order 200 bracelets and try this out after my friend tricked me into doing so. At first it was just for fun, not meant to be sold at all but more to make friends and family happy. The interest in the beautiful bracelets grew and the demand increased. I then decided to try to make more of this. I have no experience in running a business, but I have learned a lot in recent years. These are such beautiful bracelets, colorful and you can always play with combinations. But the ideal behind the bracelets is what motivates me to continue. They are handmade with warmth from woman to woman. The name Nepali Vibe is symbolic of Nepalese currents that are kindly sent from the women of Nepal to all of us.