About us

LUKKA was founded by Siggur Birna in 2017 when the import of the first bracelets from Nepal began.

LUKKA runs an online store where you can buy lovely bracelets from woman to woman. The website is: https://armbond.is

These are handmade bracelets made by women in Nepal pearl made of glass beads. Each bracelet is therefore unique and has its own story.
Each bracelet is a unique product of each woman who chooses patterns and colors. From woman to woman.

Great emphasis is placed on consideration and respect in cooperation with the women of Nepal.
In collaboration with our partners in Nepal, we assist women working at home in the Kathmandu Valley. We provide them with pearls and cotton yarn so that they can make bracelets in their free time. Most of their wages go to their children's education.

Company Information

"armbond.is" together with "Lukka" and "shoplukku" are run by Snild ehf.

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