Right of return

(This is part of the terms of armbond.is. Click here to view the terms in their entirety https://armbond.is/en/pages/skilmalar )
  1. Right of return
    Armbond.is undertakes to deliver to the buyer a product or service for purchase in accordance with these terms and applicable law. The buyer can return the product to Armbond.is within 14 days, choose a new one or get it refunded in full. Armbond.is reserves the right to check that the product is in order and to prevent abuse of the 14-day return policy. The product must be in its original condition together with packaging, but it is not a condition that it is unused. Invoice or receipt for purchase is a condition for return of goods. All accessories must also be included with the product.

    If a refund is received within 14 days of purchase, cf. recommendations, Armbond.is will refund the buyer the product in the same way as the customer used for payment - ie. by reversing a credit or debit card, cancellation of a Netgíró claim, depositing into a bank account or with a credit with Armbond.is which the buyer can dispose of at will in the next purchase at Armbond.is.
  1. Galli
    If a product is defective, Armbond.is is obliged to offer the buyer repair, new product, discount or cancellation of purchase. According to the Act on Consumer Purchases no. 48/2003, the buyer has the right to have a defective product repaired if we receive a notification within two months of the buyer encountering a defect. Armbond.is recommends that the buyer send an e-mail to webshop.returns@armbond.is or call the Armbond.is service center as soon as the defect is discovered. Armbond.is sends back confirmation of receipt of the email. Armbond.is reserves the right to verify that the product is defective within 7 days.